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Meeting and workshop design and facilitation with Stormz

NB! Denne side på DANSK

Søren Kielgast – Partner in GEMBA – is a Certified Stormz Facilitator and provides workshop design and workshop facilitation in Denmark and Sweden. Stormz is the editor of the software.

By using Stormz, Søren combines digital technology and creative problem-solving tools and methods to make collaboration easy, engaging and empowering.  On-site as well as online helping you working around locations, scheduling issues, and time zones.

Stormz offers a suite of solutions – below you will find  the key aspects of each type of activity:

The Workshop
In small groups, your participants can share their ideas, co-create solutions and make group decisions. The Workshop is designed to help us facilitate many activities inspired by design thinking and agile methods, like brainstorming sessions or retrospectives. The interface is based on cards that every participant can create like post-it notes and move around from one wall to the next. The group can then improve and enrich them with visuals, comments, evaluations and thus turn them into fully operational solutions.

The Quiz
During plenary sessions, you can ask questions, probe your audience or organize contests. The Quiz is designed to help us check, in the simplest, most efficient and playful way, if your audience truly understands and adheres to the issues at hand. The interface displays a series of open or closed questions to which many different features can be added to animate and bring more tempo to your participants’ questions and answers. You can even add a ranking to congratulate those who answered quickly… and correctly!

The Socializer
Freshly developed by the Stormz team, the Socializer stems from a simple observation: to develop a group’s collective intelligence, it is critical to strengthen personal relationships. Whether it’s during breaks or activities, the Socializer helps us increase interactions between peers by regularly rearranging teams and groups. The interface shows a series of Challenges that can take the form of questions to kick-start conversations or of missions to break the ice between participants.

With the Workshop, the Quiz and the Socializer, we are fully equipped to completely transform your events in order to make every second count and unleash your teams’ collective intelligence.

For more information or a presentation of the Stormz platform, contact Søren at or +45 4036 5501.