Gemba Innovation

MeetingSphere: A Meeting Productivity Tool designed to actively engage participants, generate a higher volume of ideas and solve difficult problems

GEMBA use MeetingSphere when a “regular” meeting, workshop or conference is to be changed into an event that really engages the participants and gives ownership and useful results as a result of the process. This paired with a solid agenda and our experienced facilitators, we accelerate the process and creates sustainable ideas and solutions and document the effective and meaningful dialogue within 24 hours.



Why use MeetingSphere?


Depending on the goals and the design of the session, we use our methods as part of the company’s other processes and inputs. Our clients find that this way of working can enable a more honest and meaningful dialogue that give participants a sense of clarity and ownership.

Importantly, because we capture all contributions, we are able to provide instant feedback on the session, including documenting decisions and agreed actions. We are usually able to provide an initial report of analyzes and recommendations within one business day in any conceivable format.

For more info contact Partner Søren or +45 4036 5501.